Decentralized Domain Names

PeerName Browser Extension

Blockchain-based domains do not resolve by default on most Internet providers. We know that it is hard for non-technicians to change OS/router DNS IPs. That's why we have developed extensions for most popular browsers. Surfing Namecoin- and EmerCoin-based domains has never been easier. All apps are absolutely free.

We support the following TLDs: .BIT, .EMC, .COIN, .LIB, .BAZAR


Chrome / Chromium / Edge

Our Chrome extension can be installed from the Chrome Web Store:

Install on Chrome


You can install the Opera version from the official Opera Add-on Repository:

Install on Opera


You can install the Firefox version from the official Firefox Add-on Repository:

Install on Firefox

Requires at least Firefox 68. Firefox is the only browser that supports extensions on mobile. This makes it possible to resolve blockchain-based domains on mobile.


Keep in mind that the browser may trigger the search operation if you type "domain.bit" in the address bar. The reason is that these domains are not recognized as standard TLDs in WebKit-based browsers. There are two ways to fix that:

  1. Type the domain with a trailing slash, example: "domain.bit/".
  2. Type the domain with the protocol, example: "http://domain.bit".

Dot BIT domains are served by Namecoin. Dot EMC, dot COIN, dot LIB and dot BAZAR domains are served by EmerCoin. All systems use Bitcoin's Blockchain technology.

Known bugs

  1. The server's directive REQUEST_URI contains the full requested URL instead of the relative path. This is because the app is using the browser's internal proxy. HTTP protocol requires the full URL when the request is made via proxy. Your CMS must be aware of that.
  2. All Nameservers and IPs are cached for six hours. If you change your domain's settings, please wait the cache to expire.
  3. HTTPS is not working. We are searching for the solution.

Please Donate

This is a completely free extension that requires constant maintenance and development. We also need resources to maintain DNS servers. If the extension helps you please consider donating:

Bitcoin: 33tiEPTxxs3F1px3no3JH99K7rtmLD5o6Z

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